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Boxer Distributor Program:
Join a Winning Team!

A Boxer Equipment distributor, for most of our customers, is the true face of our company. Each distributor is independently owned, hiring local employees who bring Boxer Equipment values to life. That’s important. Because our distributors must be as diverse as the communities they serve. It is our goal to develop distributor driven locations for Boxer Equipment worldwide that provide equipment and services to landscape, irrigation, agricultural, and industrial businesses, as well as homeowners. One of the biggest competitive advantages for our distributors is the Boxer name and brand. Since 2004, the name Boxer Equipment has stood for quality products and service. Distributors that carry Boxer Equipment must understand and respond to their local customers needs. This is why we take great strides in recruiting high‑caliber individuals with diverse backgrounds to take on the Boxer Equipment brand. All stocking Boxer Equipment distributors are non-exclusive and independently owned. Boxer Equipment is sold to distributors and rental companies for resale/rental around the world.

Next Steps to Becoming a Boxer Distributor

  1. Complete and submit the form on this page.
  2. We will request an informal telephone call to discuss a series of questions designed to give us a better understanding of you and your business, the requirements for becoming a dealer, as well as give you the opportunity to discuss your expectations and plans for the future. We may ask you to submit a credit application at this time.
  3. After we have gathered information about you, we will present you with a plan for how we can work together to ensure your success as a Boxer Distributor.
  4. It’s as easy as that. Once you have finished your evaluation process and have reached a decision to become a Boxer Distributor, don’t wait. There’s a world of opportunity awaiting you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!